Green Gamine: Artisan Candles with a Conscience

Green Gamine is an artisan candle collection of small-batch soy candles handmade from eco materials sourced in the USA. All candles have a powerful affirmation corresponding to the natural energy of the botanic or holiday featured, according to herbal lore, floriography and The Language of Flowers.

Green Gamine donates a portion of proceeds to saving the planet! A tree is planted with every direct purchase of a Green Gamine candle to aid with the conservation and reforestation of the planet’s imperiled forests, and combat the effects of global warming.


There are currently four distinct candle collections in the Green Gamine line:

Herbes Aromatiques

The Herbes Aromatiques or “Aromatic Herb” collection is inspired by the herbs growing in abundance in Provence. The three scents in this line include Lavender, Rosemary Mint and Chamomile Clove.

Fleur Blanche

The Fleur Blanche or “White Flower” collection features the scents of snowy blooms with potently sweet floral fragrances and luxuriously elegant notes. The three scents in this line include Jasmine, Casablanca Lily and Gardenia.

Saison Des Fêtes

In days of old, our ancestors lived more closely tied to nature and the Earth’s seasons. Archeologists have discovered ancient monuments aligned precisely with the sun, moon and stars on the dates marking seasonal changes. Our Saison Des Fêtes or “Holiday Season” collection honors these sacred dates. The Fall-Winter holiday collection include Autumn Equinox scented with Apple Cinnamon, All Hallows Eve scented with Pumpkin Spice and Winter Solstice scented with Evergreen. The Spring-Summer collection contains Candlemas – Sweet Butter Crepe, Spring Equinox- Freesia and Summer Solstice – Ripe Strawberry.

Maison Aromatics

A soothing collection inspired by the ancient practice of Feng Shui designed to purify and transform the energy in your home. Using botanics aligned with happiness, harmony and luck, each sumptuously fragranced candle will permeate your home with uplifting energy. Scents in this collection include Green Bamboo, Lemon Citrus and Almond Honey.

Introducing Green Gamine’s Candlemas soy candle

As we usher in a New Year we proudly welcome a new candle to our collection! Green Gamine has expanded the Saison des Fetes (Holiday Season) collection to now include the first half of the year with three new scents marking Spring and Summer holidays. First up is Candlemas!

Candlemas is a cross-quarter day around February 2nd in the Northern Hempisphere, and the mid-point between two seasonal changes –  Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Candlemas, is the Christianized version of a much older sacred date named many things in many cultures. It is probably most recognized as Groundhogs Day in the US and Imbolc or St. Bridget’s Day in Ireland.

Green Gamine opted to go with “Candlemas” in lieu of the other holiday names because it was impossible to resist the opportunity to select a holiday with the word candle in it!

It was surprising to discover that such an overlooked holiday had such rich symbols, customs and lore tied to it. Here is what I found most interesting and used to craft this product:

The root holiday celebrated by the ancient Celts and perhaps even earlier (Tuatha de Dannan?) was to honor their goddess Brigid. She was a fire goddess who governed the hearth, home, fertility, creativity and inspiration.

The date was celebrated with grain-based foods such as crepes, pancakes and oat cakes. Present-day France celebrates by making crepes, which are a symbol of prosperity for the coming year. I just adore layering a product with multiple meanings so I created a sweet, buttery crepe scent to accompany this candle.

The Catholic custom is to bring candles to church to be blessed and then bring them home to serve as lucky talismans. Interesting to note that the Catholic custom is fire-based when the Celts  were honoring a fire deity!

The energy tied to this time of the year is centered around exploring your inspiration, dreams and passions. By physically igniting the flame of your passion, you are symbolically lighting the path to your desires, so we kept the affirmation simple: Ignite Passions.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this candle as much as I do, and perhaps even be inspired to add this meaningful new holiday into your annual traditions, even by intentionally setting aside space for quiet contemplation to consider how to ignite your desires for the New Year.

Stay tuned for future posts featuring the Spring Equinox candle!

How can we save the planet in the wake of the election?

Fight global warming - plant a tree!

As we all reel in the wake of a shocking election here in the USA, the implications of a president and congress majority who deny the science of global warming and obstruct renewable clean energy solutions is terrifying.

Sadly, the subject of climate change and preservation of the environment has become fodder for heated political debate due to Fossil Fuel’s influence in our political process. Climate science denial only benefits the multi-billion dollar corporations who profit from recklessly plummeting our natural resources unchecked and unregulated.

We are at a critical moment in determining the future of the planet and its survival. With fracking, drilling, deforestation, air, water and soil pollution to name a few problems, the last thing our poor struggling planet needs is to reverse the progress we’ve already made and recklessly inflict more damage.

Many like-minded friends I’ve spoken to say, there is nothing we can do but hope for the best and see how it goes. I disagree. Each one of us can pour our energy into responsible and ethical solutions, no matter how small.

I built my business around this concept. I want every single person who purchases a candle to feel they can make a positive contribution for good. Every single candle purchased directly from me plants one tree. If you aren’t in the market for a candle, then I urge you, plant a tree native to your area in your backyard. Or a friend or family member’s yard. Or go directly to One Tree Planted and plant a tree!

In the coming months we will all have opportunities both nationally and in our every day lives to champion for social and environmental justice. I pledge to seek and ways we can all help to save our home, the only known habitable planet in the Universe.

New Feng Shui Inspired “Aromatic Home” soy candle collection

We’ve launched a new candle collection folks! Introducing The Maison Aromatiques or “Aromatic Home” artisan soy candle collection! Maison Aromatiques is inspired by the ancient practice of Feng Shui designed to purify and transform the energy in your home. Using botanics aligned with happiness, harmony and luck, each sumptuously fragranced candle will permeate your home with uplifting energy. The Maison Aromatiques Collection make great housewarming gifts, hostess gifts or can help balance and refresh the energy of any home.


Green Bamboo has been hailed for its lucky properties and promise of good fortune for centuries. Bamboo’s fresh and earthy green scent has been captured in this candle’s light and purifying fragrance which reads “Lucky Home”.

A dear friend of mine swears every kitchen needs a citrus candle to keep it fresh. Our Cheery Lemon Citrus candle makes for a “Happy Home”. Its blend of cheerful, cleansing and stimulating lemon combined with a hint of Orange which uplifts, balances and revitalizes, together, create a refreshing scent that invigorates, cleanses and detoxifies any stagnant energy.

Warm, nutty almond is sweetened with honey in this lovely “Harmonious Home” candle. The soothing energy captured in this elegantly fragranced candle is sure to neutralize and sweeten any discordant energy stuck between four walls!

Strawberry Summer Solstice Candle

The Summer Solstice, typically on June 21st, marks the longest day of the year and heralds the leisurely warm days of summer. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, June’s full moon was named “Strawberry Moon” by Native Americans in honor of the short season in which strawberries are harvested. Thus, our Summer Solstice candle is aptly scented with juicy, ripe strawberries dipped in cool, sweet cream.

The spirit of Summer Solstice is captured in the words “Gather & Rejoice”. Historically, the Summer Solstice was a time for gathering with friends and family to celebrate with great bonfires, music, dancing, feasting and revelry.

The Summer Solstice candle is part of the Saison Des Fêtes or “Holiday Season” collection. The other candles available in this collection include Autumn Equinox scented with Apple Cinnamon, All Hallows Eve scented with Pumpkin Spice and Winter Solstice scented with Evergreen.

Artisan soy candles get a makeover

Green Gamine’s soy candles have received a mini makeover! The beloved handcrafted artisan candles have replaced their muslin “bonnets” with sleek new silver caps. They are now packaged gift-ready in lovely homespun muslin bags which can be reused again and again!


Buy a candle, plant a tree

I think trees can save the world. With every single Green Gamine candle purchase, I donate a portion of proceeds to the non-profit organization “One Tree Planted”. As the name indicates, one tree is planted for every Green Gamine candle purchased. I believe strongly in giving back, and taking small actions every day to change the world for the better. Too often we overlook this precious planet we call home and most of us consider trees so mundane we don’t give them a second thought. But, once you take the time to consider all the ways in which trees sustain both us and the planet, and contemplate each tree’s unique beauty,  you realize trees are pretty incredible.

Plant a tree like this beautiful California Buckeye Tree

Plant a tree like this beautiful California Buckeye

Trees create the very oxygen that we breathe and are critical for balancing the Earth’s atmosphere by filtering harmful carbon dioxide and toxins in the air. Tree cover cools the Earth temperature and can prevent heat sinks  (also called heat islands) in urban areas. Their roots enable soil to store more water preventing flood and drought. Trees protect soil from wind and water erosion. When their leaves fall, they provide the land with organic nutrients producing fertile ground for the food we eat. And if you have ever been fortunate enough to walk through a majestic old-growth forest, their astounding beauty is nothing short of magical.

Honor your wine, make a cork wreath

I started collecting corks over eight years ago and finally accumulated enough to make a wreathe. It seemed a lovely way to preserve memories of milestones celebrated, both large and small. What is wine if not a delicious & meaningful marker for family, friendship, love, holidays, achievements, rites of passage, unforgettable travel destinations and extraordinary meals? I found fantastic cork wreath DIY directions {here}.



Spring Energy Clearing

With Spring beckoning, this is a perfect time for cleansing and refreshing the energy in your home. I found this Space Clearing Ritual in The Good Energy Book by Tess Whitehurst – which I’ve condensed for simplification purposes.



  1. Open all windows. Remove all exposed food/drink/pet food
  2. Make a clearing mist with 20 drops peppermint essential oil and 40 drops Rosemary essential oil.
  3. Pick up a sage bundle
  4. Place sea salt on a plate with a tea light candle in the center.


  1. Starting in the center of your home (for most, that would be your living room) light the candle and place the plate of salt in the center of the room. Circling about the room, clap your hands being sure to include corners and closets to draw out the stagnant “old” energy.
  2. Light a bundle of sage and move counterclockwise to purify the stagnant energy.
  3. Spray the room with the peppermint and rosemary clearing mist moving in a clockwise direction.
  4. Repeat in each room of your home until finished.
  5. Extinguish the candle and flush the sale down the toilet.
  6. Shower and cleanse with lavender salt scrub.
  7. Eat carbohydrates and drink 16 ounces of water.


Namaste, loosely translated means “the divinity within me bows to the divinity within you”. I am fond of this word because it captures the very essence of recognizing and honoring the divinity – the soul – in all living beings.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.41.22 PM

Whispering Namaste and bringing my hands in yogic prayer to my third eye, I have created a simple ritual for honoring the life force of creatures both big and small. “Namaste” I whispered to the little oak barely surviving in the drought-stricken, hard, dry earth this past summer. “Namaste” I whisper to the one-legged bird who is trying to keep up with the rest of the flock, “Namaste” I whisper to myself when my perfectionism kicks into overdrive and I feel like I’m failing when I can’t do it all… Namaste is gracious and kind, the soul food that can feed us all