Malas for manifestation

The sweet surrender of synchronicity never fails to humble and amaze me.


I recently traveled through the midwest and Colorado. My first morning in Denver, while perusing my favorite blog MindBodyGreen over my morning coffee, I stumbled down the link wormhole and found myself on the LA-based yogi-coaching hub Rock Your Bliss.

I found an interesting tidbit about malas – a topic I had always been intrigued about – when a sentence in th post made me take pause; “if you happen to visit Denver, Colorado this year, check out Sarita from Tibet Imports and schedule a {vedic} reading with her”.

I thought it was an odd “coincidence”, but Denver is a large city, so I doubted this place was anywhere near me. I followed the link, and as it happens, I was 1.6 miles away.

I couldn’t NOT go.

I made it there in 10 minutes. The small, unassuming shop was packed with mystical items and thousands of malas of every color and stone you could imagine. $55 gets you a 10 minute Vedic astrology reading with a 108-count mala customized to align with your chart and intentions.

Mala beads are a meditation tool historically used by Buddhists and Hindus to count mantras {}. They usually consist of 108 beads, a guru bead and tassel which symbolizes completion and enlightenment. Wrist malas typically have 27 beads. When using it for mantras or affirmations, you would usually start with the bead above the guru and recite the mantra as you move through all beads on the strand.

According to my astrologist Sarita, Vedic astrology is slightly different than Western by its emphasis on the rising sign rather than the sun sign. Usually the configurations in your chart are about one sign behind than Western astrology. So if the moon is in Pisces, in Vedic astrology it will be in Aquarius.

The reading was fascinating and I though I hate to admit it because I’m a Western astrology loyalist, it was uncannily accurate and answered many questions lately on my mind.

After the reading, Sarita selected about six malas in the shop for me to choose from, stating I would be drawn to the right one for me. I picked a lovely blue-green Amazonite mala whose smooth beads resembled tiny Earths. Amazonite is connected to healing, prosperity and confident communication aligned with integrity and empowerment. According to Crystal Vaults.

The mantras used with mala beads are typically Sanskrit, but I love to gather wisdom from anywhere inspiration strikes and incorporate it into my own spiritual practice. Mantras can seamlessly be replaced with affirmations. The repetition and focus of using the mala will pack an extra powerful punch into your affirmation practice for reprogramming your subconscious and manifesting your heart’s desire.

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