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How can we save the planet in the wake of the election?

Fight global warming - plant a tree!

As we all reel in the wake of a shocking election here in the USA, the implications of a president and congress majority who deny the science of global warming and obstruct renewable clean energy solutions is terrifying.

Sadly, the subject of climate change and preservation of the environment has become fodder for heated political debate due to Fossil Fuel’s influence in our political process. Climate science denial only benefits the multi-billion dollar corporations who profit from recklessly plummeting our natural resources unchecked and unregulated.

We are at a critical moment in determining the future of the planet and its survival. With fracking, drilling, deforestation, air, water and soil pollution to name a few problems, the last thing our poor struggling planet needs is to reverse the progress we’ve already made and recklessly inflict more damage.

Many like-minded friends I’ve spoken to say, there is nothing we can do but hope for the best and see how it goes. I disagree. Each one of us can pour our energy into responsible and ethical solutions, no matter how small.

I built my business around this concept. I want every single person who purchases a candle to feel they can make a positive contribution for good. Every single candle purchased directly from me plants one tree. If you aren’t in the market for a candle, then I urge you, plant a tree native to your area in your backyard. Or a friend or family member’s yard. Or go directly to One Tree Planted and plant a tree!

In the coming months we will all have opportunities both nationally and in our every day lives to champion for social and environmental justice. I pledge to seek and ways we can all help to save our home, the only known habitable planet in the Universe.