Green Gamine: Artisan Candles with a Conscience

Green Gamine is an eco brand with an artisan candle collection of small-batch soy candles handmade from “green” materials sourced in the USA. All candles have a powerful affirmation corresponding to the natural energy of the botanic or holiday featured, according to herbal lore, floriography and The Language of Flowers.

In support of socially and environmentally ethical consumerism, Green Gamine donates a portion of proceeds to saving the planet. A tree is planted with every direct purchase of a Green Gamine candle to aid with the conservation and reforestation of the planet’s imperiled forests, and combat the effects of global warming.


There are currently four distinct Green Gamine candle collections:

Herbes Aromatiques

The Herbes Aromatiques or “Aromatic Herb” collection is inspired by the abundance of herbs growing in Provence. The three scents in this line include Lavender, Rosemary Mint and Chamomile Clove.

Fleur Blanche

The Fleur Blanche or “White Flower” collection features the scents of snowy blooms with potently sweet floral fragrances and luxuriously elegant notes. The three scents in this line include Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Gardenia.

Maison Aromatics

A soothing collection inspired by the ancient practice of Feng Shui designed to purify and transform the energy in your home. Using botanics aligned with happiness, harmony and luck, each sumptuously fragranced candle will permeate your home with uplifting energy. Scents in this collection include Green Bamboo, Lemon Citrus and Almond Honey.

Saison Des Fêtes

In days of old, our ancestors lived more closely tied to nature and the Earth’s seasons. Archeologists have discovered ancient monuments aligned precisely with the sun, moon and stars on the dates marking seasonal changes. Our Saison Des Fêtes or “Holiday Season” collection honors these sacred dates.

The Fall-Winter holiday collection features the “dark half” of the year when daylight is waning  to include Autumn Equinox scented with Apple Cinnamon, All Hallows Eve scented with Pumpkin Spice and Winter Solstice scented with Evergreen.

The Spring-Summer holiday collection or “light half” of the year contains Candlemas scented with Sweet Butter Crepe, Spring Equinox with Blooming Freesia and Summer Solstice scented with Ripe Strawberry.

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