Announcing the Blanche Fleur Soy Candle Collection


I am so proud to announce Green Gamine’s Fleur Blanche soy candle collection which is now available for sale on Etsy!

Fleur Blanche is French for “white flower” and our collection celebrates the resplendent beauty this pristine hue exhibits in the floral kingdom. Every soy candle for sale features a snowy bloom that is a regal show stopper with potently sweet floral fragrances and luxuriously elegant notes.

Casablanca Lily
Casablanca Lily is infused with the energy of pure, radiant beauty. Often associated with the feminine principle of divinity, Casablanca Lily can aid in connecting with your inner Goddess. The sweet, powerful scent of our Casablanca Lily candle will assist in manifesting radiant feminine beauty – transforming any woman into a luminous Goddess in the flesh!


A native to the humid tropics, the scent of Gardenia has a decidedly cool undertone that satisfies the senses. There are many forms of love, but Gardenia’s energy is attuned with romantic love. Her sensuous beauty and exotic scent adds a dose of passion to any love relationship. Associated with “secret love” in the Victorian language of flowers, Gardenia is the perfect selection for secretly manifesting the love of your life from the inside out! 


Irresistible jasmine is aligned with the energies of luxury, comfort and prosperity. This hardy sweet-smelling vine will grow in abundance once planted and is an ideal choice for moon gardens because of her propensity for being fragrant at night. Jasmine’s star shaped flowers will aid in manifesting a luxurious lifestyle with comfortable finances aligned with the energy of joy.

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