Buy a candle, plant a tree

I think trees can save the world. With every single Green Gamine candle purchase, I donate a portion of proceeds to the non-profit organization “One Tree Planted”. As the name indicates, one tree is planted for every Green Gamine candle purchased. I believe strongly in giving back, and taking small actions every day to change the world for the better. Too often we overlook this precious planet we call home and most of us consider trees so mundane we don’t give them a second thought. But, once you take the time to consider all the ways in which trees sustain both us and the planet, and contemplate each tree’s unique beauty,  you realize trees are pretty incredible.

Plant a tree like this beautiful California Buckeye Tree

Plant a tree like this beautiful California Buckeye

Trees create the very oxygen that we breathe and are critical for balancing the Earth’s atmosphere by filtering harmful carbon dioxide and toxins in the air. Tree cover cools the Earth temperature and can prevent heat sinks  (also called heat islands) in urban areas. Their roots enable soil to store more water preventing flood and drought. Trees protect soil from wind and water erosion. When their leaves fall, they provide the land with organic nutrients producing fertile ground for the food we eat. And if you have ever been fortunate enough to walk through a majestic old-growth forest, their astounding beauty is nothing short of magical.

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