Introducing Green Gamine’s Candlemas soy candle

As we usher in a New Year we proudly welcome a new candle to our collection! Green Gamine has expanded the Saison des Fetes (Holiday Season) collection to now include the first half of the year with three new scents marking Spring and Summer holidays. First up is Candlemas!

Candlemas is a cross-quarter day around February 2nd in the Northern Hempisphere, and the mid-point between two seasonal changes –  Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Candlemas, is the Christianized version of a much older sacred date named many things in many cultures. It is probably most recognized as Groundhogs Day in the US and Imbolc or St. Bridget’s Day in Ireland.

Green Gamine opted to go with “Candlemas” in lieu of the other holiday names because it was impossible to resist the opportunity to select a holiday with the word candle in it!

It was surprising to discover that such an overlooked holiday had such rich symbols, customs and lore tied to it. Here is what I found most interesting and used to craft this product:

The root holiday celebrated by the ancient Celts and perhaps even earlier (Tuatha de Dannan?) was to honor their goddess Brigid. She was a fire goddess who governed the hearth, home, fertility, creativity and inspiration.

The date was celebrated with grain-based foods such as crepes, pancakes and oat cakes. Present-day France celebrates by making crepes, which are a symbol of prosperity for the coming year. I just adore layering a product with multiple meanings so I created a sweet, buttery crepe scent to accompany this candle.

The Catholic custom is to bring candles to church to be blessed and then bring them home to serve as lucky talismans. Interesting to note that the Catholic custom is fire-based when the Celts  were honoring a fire deity!

The energy tied to this time of the year is centered around exploring your inspiration, dreams and passions. By physically igniting the flame of your passion, you are symbolically lighting the path to your desires, so we kept the affirmation simple: Ignite Passions.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this candle as much as I do, and perhaps even be inspired to add this meaningful new holiday into your annual traditions, even by intentionally setting aside space for quiet contemplation to consider how to ignite your desires for the New Year.

Stay tuned for future posts featuring the Spring Equinox candle!

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