New Feng Shui Inspired “Aromatic Home” soy candle collection

We’ve launched a new candle collection folks! Introducing The Maison Aromatiques or “Aromatic Home” artisan soy candle collection! Maison Aromatiques is inspired by the ancient practice of Feng Shui designed to purify and transform the energy in your home. Using botanics aligned with happiness, harmony and luck, each sumptuously fragranced candle will permeate your home with uplifting energy. The Maison Aromatiques Collection make great housewarming gifts, hostess gifts or can help balance and refresh the energy of any home.


Green Bamboo has been hailed for its lucky properties and promise of good fortune for centuries. Bamboo’s fresh and earthy green scent has been captured in this candle’s light and purifying fragrance which reads “Lucky Home”.

A dear friend of mine swears every kitchen needs a citrus candle to keep it fresh. Our Cheery Lemon Citrus candle makes for a “Happy Home”. Its blend of cheerful, cleansing and stimulating lemon combined with a hint of Orange which uplifts, balances and revitalizes, together, create a refreshing scent that invigorates, cleanses and detoxifies any stagnant energy.

Warm, nutty almond is sweetened with honey in this lovely “Harmonious Home” candle. The soothing energy captured in this elegantly fragranced candle is sure to neutralize and sweeten any discordant energy stuck between four walls!

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