White Flower Soy Candle Collection – Fleur Blanche Collection




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Fleur Blanche is French for “white flower” and our collection celebrates the resplendent beauty this pristine hue exhibits in the floral kingdom. Every soy candle features a snowy bloom that is a regal show stopper with potently sweet floral fragrances and luxuriously elegant notes. The candles in this collection are aligned with prosperity, love and beauty or personal empowerment.

Jasmine – Abundance and prosperity candle
Irresistible jasmine is aligned with the energies of luxury, comfort and prosperity. Jasmine’s star shaped flowers will aid in manifesting a luxurious lifestyle with comfortable finances aligned with the energy of joy.

Gardenia – True love candle
Gardenia’s energy is attuned with romantic love. Her sensuous beauty and exotic scent adds a dose of passion to any love relationship. Associated with “secret love” in the Victorian language of flowers, Gardenia is the perfect selection for secretly manifesting the love of your life from the inside out!

Honeysuckle – Safety & Protection candle
Honeysuckle is a powerful candle in terms of energetically fulfilling and balancing multiple needs. Honeysuckle is aligned with the energy of prosperity and abundance, but also has strong protective properties to ensure you feel safe. Honeysuckle can stabilize us by bringing us back into alignment with an abundance of supply in whatever we might be lacking.

Each Green Gamine Artisan Candle is handcrafted in small batches using pure soy wax to produce the highest quality sustainable product. 

Our soy wax and eco wicks are natural, biodegradable and clean burning – safe and healthy for both you and our planet. All Green Gamine candles are hand poured into glass jars and shipped in reusable gift-ready muslin bags.

8 oz USA grown GMO-free soy wax
Eco cotton wicks
Phthalate-free fragrance
Tags printed on recycled paper
40+ hour burn time
Handmade in California

Three trees for three candles: Purchasing a Green Gamine Candle Helps the Planet!
One tree will be planted by the non-profit organization “One Tree Planted” with every candle directly purchased from Green Gamine.

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