As French women can attest, green does not have to mean grunge. After all, they’ve been perusing open markets for organic farm-fresh food, using skin care with pure ingredients and dressing in the chic practicality of gamine-style long before it became du jour in the USA.

Obviously, French Gamines  have been onto something for a while.

Green Gamine is a French-inspired guide for living a healthy cleaner, greener lifestyle which embraces the following values:

A Green Economy where

sustainable technologies, alternative energy and bio-based industries create a thriving global economy.

every living being is guaranteed the right to clean air, clean water and non-contaminated food.

activism is coupled with consumerism.

we respect our natural resources through recycling, conservation and reforestation.

social responsibility, transparency and ethics are the new business model.


Emulating Luxe Living by

embracing minimalism with less consumption.

enjoying the luxury of a life rich with meaningful experiences.

using your purchasing power to invest in quality, handcrafted artisan goods built to last and empower your local economy – such as Green Gamine soy candles.

preserving your most valuable of commodies – time.


Where Body+Mind+Spirit are balanced and nourished

with organic non-toxic food and medicines.

with inspiring and enlightening books, films and ideas.

honoring the rythynm of nature’s cycles and Earth’s seasonal changes.

living life adventurously with intention, positive affirmations and magical candles.